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CLEANSHIELD: This is a liquid food supplement that helps to increase your PH level from acidic to alkaline. We all know that acidity is a killer and detriment to our health. It has a PH of 11.4 and it has no side effect at all. Due to the increase of health challenges in the world today CLEANSHIELD has been a home food supplement every family should have to cater these health challenges.

The foods in our market today are no longer a helping matter because of the mechanization by which it was produced. The natural fruits and vegetables which God initially expected to be eating as human is no longer there to be found rather all we have today is fruits and vegetables processed through fertilization.

For us to maintain a healthy body system our body must be 20% Acidic and 80% Alkaline according to Prof. Ragnar, a renowned Nutritionist from WHO.

Cleanshield helps in balancing the PH of the body to normal. It also boosts the immune system and breaks down acidosis to extinction. Acidosis is a situation where our body is subjected to a high acidic condition. A high acidic conditions is the major cause of these diseases and infections such as High Blood Pressure, bad body cholesterol, Cancer, Ulcer, Viral infections, Arthritis, Malaria, Typhoid miscarriages, Internal Infections, Eye Problems, Skin Infection, Candida, impotency, erectile dysfunction, asthma, stroke, menstrual pains, hormonal imbalance, memory loss, Diabetes, , Liver etc.

NB: Children under 2 years, CLEANSHIELD is not NECESSARY to them, This is because children already have high Alkaline content in their body from their mothers’ womb

Cleanshield is a pure liquid supplement from America which boosts your immune system and restore your health naturally.

We have more testimonies all around the world about amazing benefits of Cleanshield.
Whatever health issue that you face just be on Cleanshield and I can boldly and confidently tell you that your condition will never be the same. Just try one to three bottles and you will be amazed with your health condition.

The number of bottles you will take depends on your medical conditions. We recommend that everyone must try to take as much as possible until you feel total release of your Ailments. And you are recommended to use it as your daily liquid supplements in other to ensure and enjoy good health all the time

It can be applied on both internal and external USE. 
It is not harmful to any part of your body
It does not have any side effects
It is pure liquid supplement
It gives quick results and is all natural

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