Kuding Tea Needles

Kuding Tea is also known as “BITTER TEA” is a Unique Chinese Tea.

Kuding Tea is made from the Broadleaf Holly category of ilex or ligustrum which belongs to the Folium Llicis Latifoliae family.

Kuding Tea UNLIKE OTHER GREEN TEAS is NOT made from leaves of Camellia Sinensis.


  • Medical research shows that Kuding tea contains many important and therapeutic bioactive chemicals such as:
  • 22 Kuding Glycin
  • 1.4 aminophenol
  • 8.8 polyphenols 
  • 41 Vitamin C
  • 1.2 flavonoids
  •  etc.
  • Kuding tea has been proven to be a highly valuable health drink that has therapeutic powers of:-

Kuding tea is widely used for:-

Curing Cold Flu

High Blood Pressure

Red Eyes



Soar Throat

Itching Eyes


Effective weight loss

The effect of a Kuding tea Needle goes a long way

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